Earning an Online Psychology Degree

You have made up your mind to earn a degree in psychology. You already know that psychology is the fascinating study of mental processes and behavior. People with a strong desire to work with individuals to help them solve societal problems are often engaged in careers in the field of psychology.

Now that you know what you want to do, the next step is to determine how to go about reaching your goals. For a great number of students, an online psychology degree is the solution to this dilemma. Students are turning to online colleges for many reasons. Convenient class schedules are a primary reason for the popularity of these virtual classes. Typically, students are not required to log on to their computers at a specified time. Professors post their schedules and deadlines and students are allowed to submit assignments at any time up to the deadline. A large number of college students are adults who are encumbered with work or family obligations. Online classes are often the only means by which these adults can earn that college degree.

Other factors contributing to the success of online colleges are the costs and curriculum. Many students are surprised to learn that an online education is often less expensive than a traditional college education. Not only is tuition affordable, students do not need to be concerned with the ancillary costs like room and board and even parking fees that are associated with traditional colleges. Textbooks for online classes are identical to those used by students attending brick and mortar colleges. Professors of both lecture-type classes and virtual classes possess the same credentials. These professors are both equally accessible to students. The only difference is that online students communicate with their professors electronically.

After earning an online psychology degree, there are many career paths for the graduate to consider. Psychology majors will often earn advanced degrees, but numerous jobs exist for graduates with at least a bachelor’s degree. Some of these jobs include:

  • Case Manager
  • Career Counselor
  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Psychiatric Technician

Applicants for these positions must have the ability to evaluate client needs, keep extensive and accurate records, and be able to empathize and advocate for clients.

Not only will an online psychology degree prepare you for any of these career goals, a bachelor’s degree in psychology can provide training for other types of jobs. As an undergraduate, you will hone your interpersonal skills. While these attributes are definitely assets to consider as you seek a job in the field of psychology, these are skills that you can use in a variety of other careers including sales and marketing.

Earning an online psychology degree is often viewed as a stepping stone towards an advanced degree. It is reported that at least 40 percent of psychology majors continue their education after being awarded a bachelor’s degree. Many of these graduates enter law school or business school. A psychology degree is considered a flexible degree because there are so many career avenues for the graduate to explore.

Many students who earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology enter into some type of social work. These workers generally earn between $35,000 and $50,000 per year. However, in addition to monetary compensation, many of these workers reportedly reap immeasurable personal satisfaction from the work that they perform.

When helping others is your mission in life, there is perhaps no better way to achieve that goal than by entering the field of psychology. It is an interesting and rewarding career choice. Now is the perfect time to learn more about earning an online psychology degree.